Aug 18, 2014

The new Covers for Z-BOAT Z-T-OPIA and Z-END from Permuted Press!

Apr 14, 2014

The new cover for Z-BOAT from Permuted Press.

“Z-Boat is a creepy old-school horror tale of zombies on the high-seas! Creepy, inventive and delicious. Take a meaty bite out of this!” -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of CODE ZERO and V-WARS

Jan 15, 2014

Been a long time...

It has been months since I have updated this site with anything interesting.

First - Z-BOAT will be released soon by Permuted Press. This makes me very happy.

Second - Z-Topia and Z-End will also be released this year to complete the Z-Boat trilogy.

Third - I wrote a novel length version of The Moonlight Killer and Welcome to the Future.

Fourth - I have outlined my next book. It involves cryogenic sleep and of course nothing is as it seems.

Fifth - I have a sequel in mind for The Moonlight Killer.

I have slowed down on the short stories, but do have a few which should be appearing this year. Most notable will be the Chaosium release of Zombie Fairy tales.

Sep 12, 2013

Thom Brannan talks! Or writes... well you get it.

Okay, Thom, This is a Q & A to get to know a little more about you and thicken up those stalker portfolios.

1 – Milk or dark chocolate? 

Milk. Dark chocolate is too bitter for dessert. What the hell, right? I want something sweet when it's sweet time.

2 –Are you a fan of LEGO? If no, what is wrong with you?

Oh, yeah. I'm especially a fan of how they just show up in the middle of the floor when I'm walking around barefoot. They're little rectangular ninjas. And I guess you can build things out of them. I guess.

3 – I recently read Lords of Night (great book by the way), and was wondering if you had an affinity for a particular television character as a child and incorporated him into the story?

That's not quite how that happened... when Lords of Night was still a nascent thing, I was picking the members of the team, and decided one of them needed to be an Airborne Army Ranger. Maybe the last Ranger in the world. All alone. Alone Ranger. Holy shit, I thought.

I am a huge fan of the Lone Ranger, and not too long after I wrote that book, I got the chance to write an official story for The Lone Ranger Chronicles, from Moonstone Books. So, yay! Synchronicity all around.

4 – I know a lot of people ask what the favorites are in regard to horror movies, but my question to you is what is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

I don't know that I have any guilty pleasure movies. Is there any movie that I watch often and enjoy thoroughly that I have to justify to anyone? Hmm. Maybe... uh, Invasion USA. I know it's not a horror movie, but imagine the insurgents are undead, and the lead guy is a necromancer, and Chuck Norris is still Chuck Norris. Hey! New story.

5 – What is the story/novel you are most proud of?

The one which feels like my Magnum Opus is yet to be released, actually. It's my superhero epic, Sad Wings of Destiny. For released material, it might be "What Doesn't Die," which pits Nikola Tesla and Dr. Omega (a French pulp fiction character which predates Doctor Who, but is a lot like the First Doctor) against the Bride of Frankenstein. Not the Universal Pictures/James Whale version, but my own version, which is a logical extension of the contents of Mary Shelly's novel. That was in Black Coat Press' Tales of the Shadowmen 7: Femmes Fatales.

6 – What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you?

Oh, wow. I'm a dad now, so that's the pinnacle. Before that, I've been on a haunted submarine, and I may or may not have seen a UFO. But now, my little girl takes the cake. Everything she does is both incredibly inspiring and frightening as hell.

7 – Do you do a lot of research for your writing?

It depends. I'm very lucky in that I retain a lot of things, and have a varied background, so there are a lot of things floating around in the back of my noggin. For example, there's a scene in Pavlov's Dogs where Julius is soldering using the sun and cast off office supplies. That's me.

For stuff that I'd like a feel for, I do a lot of reading. For the sequel to Lords of Night, I wanted to match the feel of the old timey witch hunts. Brian A. Pavlac's Witch Hunts in the Western World. So far, it's paying off, I think.

8 – Tell me about the novels you have written?

Survivors was my first published novel, which is the finale to Z.A. Recht's Morningstar Strain. That was in the first set of zombie books I'd ever read, and I hope it closed out well. On the heels of that, I wrote Lords of Night, for the same audience but with a different approach. That is, I sincerely hope, a thoroughly different apocalypse. The origins of that novel owe as much to Erich Van Daniken as to George Romero.

Then I wrote two books with D.L. Snell, Pavlovs' Dogs, and the sequel The Omega Dog. The basic idea behind those was a monster mash, pitting two different flavors of monster against each other, with Man in the middle. You can thank the feverish mind of D.L. Snell for that one, as well as the Universal classics.

That's my published work. I have another zombie book which is been described as "The Running Man meets Dawn of the Dead meets Payback." There are zombies, and a survival game show, and then a lot of bad guy on bad guy violence. That's World of Trouble. There are also a pair of urban fantasy novels in my back pocket, with at least three more planned.

9 –If you could not write, what would be your artistic outlet?

Music! I do that anyway, but writing and recording has slowed way down since I started writing seriously. Hey! I have a video, since we're talking about it. You wanna see?

10 – How do you like to tell a story? Character driven, location of importance, or something else entirely?

If I can, I like to take some time to get to know the characters. After I think I have a hold on them, on who they are and what they're like, I put them in ridiculous situations and just watch what happens. I'm not very plotty, sad to say. If you come across something in my work that looks as if I've put a lot of thought and effort into it, it's probably an accident. Heh.

11– What kind of music, if any, do you listen to when writing?

I have a batch of albums I put on. Nothing that tells a story, so Alice Cooper and Roger Waters are out. Nothing new and shiny, either. It's got to be something I like, but something familiar enough that it becomes background noise. Bruce Dickinson, Corrosion of Conformity, G//Z/R, Poe, Queen, Flybanger, the Fading Collection, and Modestep.

12 –If you could go back in time and give your younger self one tip about the future, what would it be? (lottery numbers are not allowed)

Ug. Never stop writing. I started in high school, then continued for a very short time while in the Navy, but I stopped. Don't even remember why, honestly. But I stopped writing, and it was a good five or six years before I picked up a pen again, and that time lost is horrible.

Also, I would have told me to do two things earlier... uh, neither of which anyone else's business. Hah.

13 – Something about you no one would believe.

I get the look all the time for this, but I don't drink, do drugs, or smoke. And I never have. Even to enjoy Pink Floyd to the fullest. A lot of people I grew up with can vouch for this, and they were happy I didn't indulge. That just meant more for them. The same with everyone I served with; drinking, not drugs.

14 – Are you a fan of Firefly?

I'm not defective, so yes. I long for the day when Joss Whedon sends me an email, letting me know it's alright to write a string of Firefly novels. Don't you?

15 – Minotaurs or dragons? Why?

Dragons. Blame Gary Gygax.

*** Okay, now promote yourself here, what else have you done that you would like people to know about? Blog, Twitter, website…

 I have a website,, which is languishing for lack of news. I also have another project coming up, but mum's the word for that. As soon as the word is something else, you'll be the first person... sixth person to know. Thank you for having me!