Sep 15, 2011

Winding Down

After being on a writing/editing kick for several months I am winding down for a bit. Perhaps it is the weather, the turning of the leaves, or just plain fatigue.  Either way I am going to enjoy taking a bit of a break and enjoy some reading for a change.

One thing I want to comment on..and maybe this is just me..since I am a woman after all. When I see an anthology call open there is always some author that gets an automatic acceptance because of their name. If you want to do that fine, but what I wonder is why that automatic acceptance never goes to a woman.

Am I saying this because it is not me? Nope, I know well enough I do not have the name or skills to be that person, but I do know others that do. Yet time and time again they get overlooked.

I heard about a panel at a recent convention in which they talked about women being a minority in horror writing, and yes that is very very true. I do not know the statistics. I do not know if there are just more men. What I do know was when they did a reading, they were unable to tell the difference between a male versus female writer.

I would like to start small and I dare an editor out there with a small press to brag about the well-known female author who will be in the anthology alongside them.

Anyone up to that challenge?

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  1. Interesting - I think female horror authors do get overlooked, but I can think of a few exceptions - Lisa Morton and Sarah Pinsborough spring to mind. I'm glad you're taking a break, though - you're publication history's starting to make the rest of us look bad! :)