Jan 10, 2012

Come on over and see what Kim Curley has to say about Earth's End, and her story in it.

Okay,  Kim Curley This is a little Q & A to get to know a little more about you and thicken up those stalker portfolios.

1 – Milk or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate!!

2 – What are your feelings in reference to LEGO’s? My son is a huge LEGO fan. I really like the Bionicle series and where they went with the storylines.

3 – I know a lot of people as what the favorites are in regard to horror movies, but my question to
you...what is your favorite comedy and why? I love, “Desk Set,” with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. It may be a cliché, but I love the report between the actors and their characters. The dialogue is amazing: it’s clever and fast-paced. Also, there are a lot of literature references in this movie, as the main character works in a reference department. The plot still holds up to today’s standards. 

4 – What is the story/novel you are most proud of? I’m working on a children’s fiction novel that I’m in hopes of finishing this year. The message is a tried-and-true one: tear down those barriers in life and learn to live with one another! It’s a story I told my daughter roughly 20 years ago when she was sick in bed, so it means a lot to me.

5 – What is the most interesting thing you have learned? Just write it down!

6 – Do you do a lot of research for your writing? I use to hate researching papers in high school. Now, I enjoy it. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I’ve been given subtle “reminders” to actually take time to write my stories down (thanks, Bec’s!). Otherwise, I’d just keep on researching all the time.

7 – Tell me about your story in Earth’s End? “Faith” deals with a planetary tilt and a small group of human survivors trying to maintain their existence in underground caves. Just when they think they’re in the clear to begin living top-side, the character’s get caught up in a much different struggle to survive when members of an ancient, advanced civilization threaten their humanity. “Faith” is about staying strong, even when you think things are dire.

8 – How do you like to tell a story? Character driven, location of importance, or something else entirely?  I have to say I’m extremely character driven. Probably because of the way my dad brought me up about people and why they behaved a certain way. He’d tell me that there are two-sides to every story. So, when I write about my characters, I really get into their backgrounds, why they are who they are. A lot of it doesn’t get included in the story; it’d take up too much space.

9 – What kind of music do you listen to when writing? It depends on what I’m writing. I listen to soundtracks from Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Howard Shore, Klaus Badelt, Michael Giacchino, James Newton Howard, and John Williams. Also, I really like groups like Apocalyptica and Crystal Method. Danny Elfman is good to listen to when I write kids lit, especially the “Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack.

10 – What is the most difficult thing you find about being a writer? 
Being my own worst critic.

11 – Something about you that no one would believe. I had a letter printed in Circus magazine once. During the mid-80’s, Al & Tipper Gore were asking that albums (cd’s) be printed with warning labels on them to warn people about “questionable” content, i.e. the bad language. The article stated that some stores refused to sell those particular “labeled” albums to minors. I let it be known that if a kid walked up to me with money he/she earned to pay for an album, I’d go in and get it for them! 

12 – Okay, now promote yourself here, what else have you done that you would like people to know about?  

As a teenager, I wrote a few articles that made it into the teen section of my hometown newspaper.

I’m a 2010 graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature of West Redding, Connecticut.

I’ve been a SCBWI member since 2009.

“Faith” will be my first published piece for a book-thank you Wicked East Press!

I edit for writer’s when I get the opportunity. Warning: I am a thorough editor and have been told I’m too picky!

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Thank you for taking the time to ask me questions, Suzanne! I really appreciate you taking the time and allowing me some space on your blog!

Bio: Kim Curley began her writing journey in 2008, taking an online course titled, ‘How to Sell Your Fiction Novel.’ With the encouragement of a friend from work, she enrolled in a correspondence course and became a 2010 graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature of West Redding, Connecticut. In 2009, she became a member of SCBWI-Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Although she enjoys writing children’s lit, her goal is to branch out and write for adults as well. She prefers writing fiction/fantasy, to provide escapism for readers everywhere. “I write what I would want to read, when I get the chance to read.” A housewife and mother, she resides in the Pacific Northwest. Her story for Wicked East Press Sci-Fi/Apocalypse Anthology, “Earth’s End,” titled, “Faith: An Apocalypse Story,” is her first published piece for a book.


  1. Great interview you two. :)

    Now I'm going to score some dark chocolate and kick it with Kim! BYES! LOL

  2. Looks wonderful, Suzanne! Thank you so much for taking the time to help promote the "Earth's End" anthology-and for letting me ramble in your space! Cheers!

  3. Very fun interview. Not too surprised with most of the answers, but the LEGO one made me laugh.

  4. I love learning something new about my many-years, friend! Kim is an amazing human being.........resilient, tough as nails yet will give you the shirt off her back! It's so cool to see the gifts of hard work coming her way!

  5. Thank you, Courtney! LOL-my daughter just read my interview and was peeved because I forgot to mention that she's played LEGO Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, & Batman. There, SweetPea, I said it!!

    Anonymous is my good friend, Kelly-thank you for your wonderful, sweet words. You're too kind!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!!

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