Jan 9, 2012

Say hello to Autumn Christian author of "A Gentle Hell"

Okay, Autumn Christian This is a little Q & A to get to know a little more about you and thicken up those stalker portfolios.

1 – Milk or dark chocolate?

Milk for hangovers, PMS, and family gatherings. Dark chocolate for nights alone, glittery costumes, and writing about tragedy.

2 – What are your feelings in reference to LEGO’s?

I love them. I have never been against the LEGO movement. In fact several of my friends are LEGO’s.

3 – I know a lot of people as what the favorites are in regard to horror movies, but my question to
you...what is your favorite comedy and why?

It would have to be Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 2. And mostly for the memory of watching it with my brother and rewinding  the part where Jim Carrey punches out the “Monopoly” guy about 38 times.

4 – What is the story/novel you are most proud of?

Well, I’m most proud of the bible and its influence on bringing a friendlier face to genocide. Wait, no, you mean my stories. Well, this is awkward.

No, but seriously, I’m quite fond of my dystopian horror novel The Crooked God Machine. (You can put up a link if you wish, it’s here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Crooked-God-Machine-ebook/dp/B006PNJ2L4/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1325696215&sr=1-1) It’s currently published on Amazon and

5 – What is the most interesting thing you have learned?

The empire never ended.

6 – Do you do a lot of research for your writing?

Yes, but it’s not a linear process. My entire life is research. I call myself a scientist, and this makes boys wary. “What do you mean, I’m an experiment?” they ask as I bring out the hunting knives and the blotter paper. It’s brought me to interesting places, warehouses, communes and Oklahoman dairy farm. It’s had me frantically researching Cotard’s Delusion and Gnostic scriptures in the late mornings. It’s had me swallowing the pill when someone says, “here, take this. You’ll like it.” It’s had me alone in the night going down a dark road, thinking, “this is a terrible idea,” knowing that you’ll never be the same afterwards.

7 – Tell me about the collection you have with Dark Continents?

My collection from Dark Continents is called “A Gentle Hell,” and it’s four short stories of quiet tension and uncomfortable nostalgia, featuring machine implants, pathological women who get bit by rabid dogs, goddesses who kill God, and carnivorous deer. I’d recommend it for the demon or the suicidal child in your life. 

It can be found on Amazon in ebook format here http://www.amazon.com/A-Gentle-Hell-ebook/dp/B006SLDFGQ

8 – How do you like to tell a story? Character driven, location of importance, or something else entirely?

It feels very much like a ritual to me. Floating images, characters, locations, they all flow into each other. I close my eyes and type what I see.
I’m going to be pretentious and say that sometimes I feel like a shaman  having to go down into the underworld to dredge this stuff up, but just as often I feel like an idiot child playing with aforementioned LEGO’s but just sort of smashing them together instead of making anything profound or beautiful.

9 – What kind of music do you listen to when writing?

I’m fond of dubstep, gothic country, dark ambient, IDM. I like to make playlists for my novels, and rearrange them depending on how the novel progresses. Some of my favourite artists for writing are Portishead, Queenadreena, Apparat, Sun Glitters, and Soap&Skin. To be obscure and hipster about it.

10 – What is the most difficult thing you find about being a writer?

Pretending you’re not a writer. This is by far, the hardest part, living your life everyday like you’re a normal human being that is not being constantly assaulted by the space monkeys of  thought processes hurtling at you from all sides. When they find out you’re a writer, you’re done for, you might as well have just come out as a drug addict.  No one will respect you ever again. At least, unless you pretend to be fancy and take people out for sushi and buy them Nicaraguan cocaine for their birthdays and stop crying whenever they mention bad Amazon reviews.

Oh, but aside from that, probably the suicidal tendencies that creep up on me every time I open a word processor.

11 – Something about you that no one would believe.

I’m a 1st degree black belt in Kung Fu San Soo. Does anyone believe that? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t believe it.

12 – Okay, now promote yourself here, what else have you done that you would like people to know about?

In addition to A Gentle Hell, I’ve published a dystopian horror novel called The Crooked God Machine, and it can be found here (: http://www.amazon.com/The-Crooked-God-Machine-ebook/dp/B006PNJ2L4/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1325696215&sr=1-1) I’m also currently working on a demon lesbian horror/romance, and if you’d like to follow my progress or want to stalk me and send me bones in the mail you can find me at http://autumnchristian.net

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